Arthur Køpckes Arkiv

Udateret, antagelig foråret 1960


Raymonde Aynard


Arthur Køpcke


Trykt invitation til uddeling af Prix Edouard Pignon de l'Antipoète til Raymonde Aynard for digtsamling af Aynard med illustrationer af Pignon, 25. maj [årstal ikke angivet, men udgivelsen dateres andetsteds til 1960]. Tilføjet håndskrevet brev fra Aynard til Arthur Køpcke. I brevet beklager Aynard sig over Køpcke og Nicolaus' håndtering af hendes udstilling og henviser både til betalingen og til tilbagesendelsen af hendes værker.


You must keep yourself
informed about French
painting before insulting
the painters you exposed.
It was because Nicolaus
told me (falsely like
everything else) that well-
known painters had like
Francis Bott for instance -
exhibited at your very small
gallery, that I accepted
this show, as he came to
my home to ask me -
The money I owed you was
transfered from my account
to Mr. Reuther's one on the 7 april
by the Credit Commercial (agence
Rennes for Mr. Reuther) If the first one
wasn't paid you know very well it
was from a lack of preciseness or
experience on your part. We don't
know anything about the box you
sent us in this way, if we have
trouble we shall be obliged to
send it back. As well as if
in six months the customs
claims for the 19 paintings de-
clared at the departure, it will
be revolved on you for the due -
Besides I can't understand why,
if you have so little confidence
in them, you keep my pictures -
You know I agreed to leave you
one for a little while, and not

seven! You caused me great
prejudice, they were new and
not already seen by collectionists
nor gallerys.
And I miss them
for my show here
but it is probably
what you wish -
In any case
this story has
been terribly
expensive for me
in troubles and
I pray you to
cease them,
to stop with
these useless
and insulting letters and send
me rapidly back my work.
R Aynard




Aynard udstillede sammen med Joppolo i Galerie Køpcke i perioden 19. marts til 1. april 1960. Brevet er skrevet efter udstillingens afholdelse og efter den 7. april, en dato der nævnes i brevet.


Trykt invitation med håndskrevet tekst.

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